October 22, 2013

Burren Winterage Festival

October 25th~27th
The Burren, Co. Clare

Thousands of years before you when autumn arrived to the Burren, farmers moved their herds to the limestone 'winterage' uplands for their winter fare. This practise is opposite of many farming traditions in other parts of the world such as the Alps. The unique landscape of the Burren Region employs farmers to focus heavily on "environmental health"and alternative measures for farming.

About 1,000 families farm in the Burren today. This weekend's festival celebrates the unique farming traditions of the area. Many of the pastoral farming traditions used in the Burren today have been proven to be a crucial part in the survival of its Flora and Fauna that it is so well known for.

Weekend events will take place in various parts of the Burren. The event is coordinated by Burren Beo Trust and supported by local businesses.

Visit Burren Winterage Festival for details.

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