June 24, 2013

Patrún Inis Mór

Patrún Inis Mór
June 28th~ 30th

Patrún Inis Mór is a 3 day festival that began on Inis Mór in 1976. The festival is held on the last weekend of June every year.  Sporting events and competitions for people of all ages are held in good fun with the Island's traditions at the heart. The highlight of the weekend are the famous Currach Races which take place on Sunday at 2:30pm.

Schedule of Events

Dé Ceadaoin 26ú Meitheamh : Cómortas Darts i Halla Rónáin 8.00
Dé hAoine 28ú Meitheamh
2.30 i.n Imeachtaí Spóirt do Ghasúir Bunscoile Garraí na Dóibhe
Triathlon do ghasúir bunscoile (rang a 3 suas)
7.00 i.n Aifreann an Phátrúin Teampall Rónán
10.30 i.n Banríon an Phátrúin (os cionn 16 bliain d’aois) Wattys
12.00 m.o Céilí an Phátrúin i Halla Rónán

Wednesday 26 June: Darts tournament in Ronan Hall 8:00

Friday, June 28
2.30 Primary Boys Sports Events gardens Dóibhe
Triathlon for primary school children (class 3 up)
7:00 pm Mass of St Ronan Patron
10.30 The Queen Patron (over 16 years) Wattys
Spouses m.o 12.00 Patron in Ronan Hall

 Dé Sathairn 29ú Meitheamh
... 11.00 r.n Comórtas Ealaíona do Ghasúir Bunscoile Halla Rónán
12.30 i.n Caisleáin Ghainimh do Ghasúir Bunscoile Trá na Céibhe
2.00 i.n Rása Currach do Dhéagóirí Trá na Céibhe
* Cailín & Buachaill Faoi 18 agus duine Fásta i ngach curach.
* Rasa Fear amháin
* Rasa faoi 17 lads, (ainmneacha istigh roimh Dé Aoine)
3.00 i.n. Rásaí na mbáid Mhóra agus na Leath Bháid
5.00 i.n Siúlóid do mná ó Trá Cill Mhuirbigh
5.00 i.n Rásaí Bóthair
Gasúir Bunscoile agus Scoláirí Meánscoile Séipéal Eochla
Faoi 18 agus Sinsir Monarchan Eoghnacht
7.30 i.n Rása an Phionta Guinness, Imeachtaí Spórtúil An tSean Céibhe

Saturday, June 29
... 11:00 am Boys' Primary School Art Competition for Ronan Hall
12.30 Primary Boys Castles to Sandy Beach Pier
2.00 Curragh Race Teen Beach Pier
* Girl & Boy Under 18 and one adult in each curragh.
* One man Rasa
* Rasa about 17 lads, (names in before Friday)
3:00 pm Large boat races and the Half Boat
5:00 pm Walk to Beach women Mhuirbigh Cell
5:00 pm Road Races
Primary and Secondary School children Student Eochla Church
Under 18 and Senior Factory Eoghnacht
The Race 7.30 Guinness pints, Ancient Pier Sporting Events


Dé Domhnaigh 30ú Meitheamh
11.00 i.n Triathlon (ainmneacha istigh Dé Sathairn ar an trá ) Trá na Céibhe
1.00 i.n Caitheamh an Phunann Trá na Céibhe
Caitheamh Meáchain, Leath Chéad, Tug O War
2.30 i.n Rásaí na gCúrach:
Faoi 18 (Caith cártaí aitheantais a bheith ag gach iomaitheoir)
Fear & Bhan, Trí Oileáin Árann, Sinsir

Dé Luain 1ú Iúil
4.00 Seisiúin Ceoil Tí Joe Macs

Sunday, June 30
11.00 in Triathlon (names within Saturday on the beach) Beach Pier
1:00 pm Treating the Portfolio Beach Pier
Throwing Weight, First Half, Tug O War
Curragh Races 2:30 pm:
Under 18 (Spend identity cards to all competitors)
Men & Women, By Aran Islands, SC

Monday, July 1
House Music Sessions 4:00 Joe Macs

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June 19, 2013

Doolin Heritage Weekend

June 21st ~ June 23rd
Russell Cultural Centre


This weekend Doolin will hold it's second annual Heritage Weekend in aid of The Killilagh Church Restoration Project.

The Doolin Heritage Committee will be celebrating the area's rich history with local Archaeologists, Writers, and Historians. You can join Cliffs of Moher guided walks, Anthropological talks, the sharing of Local Folklore, and much more.

   Email enquiries to
For the weekend itinerary please visit Clare events.

Admission:     Friday~     8 euro
                       Saturday~  10 euro
                      Weekend Pass~  15 euro 
Admission includes walks, talks and visits to the various sites.

June 18, 2013

Cliffs of Moher Coastal Walk

Over the years we can't tell you how many times someone has arrived into our office on Doolin Pier asking how they get to the Cliffs of Moher trail. From the pier this was not something easily explained. However when they did manage to find the trail and the conditions were right, they were well rewarded. Hours later they would stumble back into us with big smiles (and usually very wet boots) on their faces.

The Official opening of the Cliffs of Moher Coastal Walk took place yesterday opened by Mayor of Clare, Councillor Pat Daly. The 12k coastal walk connects Liscannor (Hags Head), The Cliffs of Moher, and the village of Doolin. This walk is also included as part of the increasingly popular Burren Way. Needless to say the views along this walk of The Aran Islands and surrounding Galway Bay are simply stunning.

Walkers who wish to attempt this trail should be well prepared and have a relatively good level of fitness. Most portions of the walk are not supervised so be sure to take all precautions. Perhaps most importantly make sure the weather conditions are also on your side. 

See Irish Trails for the trail difficulty levels and route map. If you would like a guided walk to the Cliffs of Moher you can try Doolin Cliff Walks with local Dooliner Pat Sweeny.

June 15, 2013

Is your name Clare?

Sunday, June 23rd
The Cathedral, Ennis

As you may well know this year of The Gathering has inspired many events throughout Ireland. This we must say is a creative one! The Clare Volunteer Centre along with The Clare Gathering 2013 is attempting to break a World Record. They need 1100 Claires (Clare or Clair) to gather at the Cathedral in Ennis on Sunday, June 23rd at 1:00pm to beat the record.

The event will feature a Free Outdoor Concert, an International Street Band Competition, the Clare 10k, a Free Arts & Writing Workshop, and more!

The launch to welcome all Claires will be held at The Glór Music Centre on June 20th between 5:00pm and 7:00pm.

For more information see Visit Ennis and Welcoming Claires to Clare!

June 10, 2013

Doolin Folk Festival

June 14th ~ 16th

Lot's of tunes to be heard this coming weekend at the Doolin Folk Festival. Artist's include Martin Hayes & Steve Cooney, Luka Bloom, We Banjo 3, The Céilí Bandits & Kevin Griffin and much more!   Ticket's available from Ticket Master

For details visit:  The Doolin Folk Festival

June 05, 2013

An Post Tour de Burren

Ballyvaughan, County Clare
Saturday, June 22nd 2013

The Burren Cycling Club will host the Tour de Burren 2013 in Ballyvaughan, Co.Clare. All levels of cyclists are welcome but there are only 2000 spaces available so be sure not to miss out. The count down timer is up at Hyland's Burren Hotel so get tickin'!

The cycling challenge has options for all with 4 different routes that you may choose from;  Route Options. For those of you who like to plan ahead you can download all the options and details on the website.

For places to stay & things to do in the area visit Discover Ballyvaughan and Doolin Tourism.