July 30, 2013

Respecting Dusty and People at Doolin Pier

Dusty the Dolphin
Doolin Pier, Co.Clare

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) of Ireland in conjunction with Clare County Council have put up signage at Doolin Pier advising people on how to approach swimming with the local dolphin, Dusty.

In fact the IWDG discourages people from swimming with whales and dolphins in general.  Though it can be an amazing experience to share the water with such powerful beings the consequences for both wildlife and humans could be dangerous, and in the worst case fatal.   

We at O'Brien Line Doolin Ferry would ask that you please respect the signs and refrain from swimming with Dusty, or other wild whales and dolphins.  Dusty is a wonderful Dolphin and she is truly magnificent to watch.  If visitors, workers, and passengers at Doolin Pier give her the distance and respect she deserves we hope that we can continue to watch her for many years to come. 
Please see the IWDG website to download your own poster about the rules of swimming with Dusty the Dolphin at Doolin Pier.  HERE

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